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Solution for multiple buildings?

Hello, we are considering upgrading to your DVR software after having purchased a PV-183 from you guys and using it successfully with zoneminder for a bit over a year now.

What i'd like to know is what you guys recommend to also add a few cameras in two apartment buildings we own, and be able to manage the whole kit and caboodle efficiently.

My first inclination was to use network cameras and a decent router. We could configure dynamic dns for a persistent domain at each building and have the server here at home run a 16-port license of the software (we'd use an 8-port card for the house plus 4 cameras at each building). However, the issue of upstream throughput comes up much would we need in order to make this feasible? We have access to cable definitely and maybe fios at the buildings.

The other option I thought of was to build a small headless server for each building. Each BC server would be an independent 4-port license. Depending on how the compressed video is captured, each time a file is completed, it would automatically be uploaded to the fileserver at the house and then deleted off the mini-server's drive. This would lessen the requirement for upload throughput, as the signal integrity isn't directly dependent on it (although I'd have to carefully monitor the callstack to make sure there isn't a backlog). However, it could possibly represent a larger investment because it would involve 3 bluecherry cards plus a new server for the house (the current one would be retired at one of the's getting a bit noisy in its old age).

I'd like to know what you guys, in your expertise, would recommend. The idea is to make our lives as easy as possible while also remaining economical. Which one of the two - simplicity vs economy - holds the greatest weight is yet to be seen.

Thanks for making such good stuff!


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