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24/7 always-on viewing monitor?

We recently purchased your software and hardware compression card for our home security system - it is amazing, worlds better than zoneminder ever was.

What I'd like to know is if there is any way you guys can think of to finagle an always-on viewing monitor. My father, for whom I built the system, was very accustomed to this old CRT-monitor system we had installed years and years ago. The monitor was always on, cycling through the eight cameras (four at a time). He could be watching TV in his office and have a birds-eye-view of the whole house right in his periphery.

How would you recommend I go about emulating that functionality with this new system. I've read some scattered details about RTSP and MJPEG being the options available. I know that ZM's webend used mjpeg and any browser that pulled up the eight streams would freeze after a few hours. My father doesn't know to hit refresh when things go wrong - he sort of just freaks out - so I'd like to avoid that as much as possible.

Right now my options in the office are an iMac, the server itself, and a raspberry pi. I'd prefer to use the pi because the iMac has been suffering from a memory leak - I blame chrome - but it regularly needs to be rebooted and so doesn't work as an always-on solution. The server could work but I'd like to save as much processing power as possible for doing server-type-things. The pi would be perfect...if there were ANY software support for it with respect to this. Most advice online is for using it as a DVR for IP cameras.

So...any suggestions?

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