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Messoa NDR890, MJPEG, and Motion Detection

I'm trying to get the following cameras to work with BlueCherry:

Messoa NDR890, (appear to be based on TI Davinci DM355)

The MPEG4 streams appear to be working, but the MJPEG streams do not.

It appears that I am unable to configure "motion detection areas" w/in BlueCherry w/o MJPEG working

Settings in BlueCherry for the cameras are

Path to RTSP: /mpeg4

Path to MJPEG: mjpeg

MJPEG Port: 8555

These settings are based on notes that I found on Messoa cameras (not necessarily this model) on 3rd party websites (not Messoa or BlueCerry)

I've poked and prodded with nmap to identify open ports on the camera(s), and poked around on the camera's CLI and made little progress

Lastly, when i try to update the config on BlueCherry for the cameras I receive an error "Camera with these settings already exists in the list of the devices."

(This install is from the BlueCherry ISO)

Any suggestions?

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