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Ok I took the advice from the forum and acquired some IP Cams - they are "generic" and I am confused, again!

I acquired the following ip cam as a test:

Foscam FI8918W Wireless/Wired Pan and Tilt IP Camera

(I can link to where i bought in an email to administrators, I don't think it is appropriate to link to online shops in these forums)

This url works in VLC


and allows me to view the cam, VLC tells me that i'm seeing an MJPEG stream, this cam reportedly does not have RTSP, can I use it with bluecherry?

I've tried various things such as using

in the MJPEG box, and username admin (there is no pw), mjpeg port 80, and it still doesn't work from the web view (the client view definately doesn't work as there is no RTSP stream)

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