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Analog or Network cameras?

I've been using the Bluecherry software for some time now. 16 port card with Analog cameras. We operate in a PAL environment, and I've been using a mix of cheap chinese cameras and good quality Bosch cameras. Many are doing motion detection.

We have a new site coming up that I am starting to plan a new installation for and I am wondering about using either Analog cameras again or Network cameras.

Analog cameras:

- cheaper than network cameras

- require a bluecherry card (small cost when spread across 16 cameras)

- changes to camera settings difficult when camera placed in hard to reach area

Network cameras:

- changes easily done over network

- can be powered via POE

- tend to be very expensive

- sometimes have onboard motion detection?

I am wondering what other people have found when they have tried both options? If seems everyone is going towards using Network cameras, but given the large extra cost I wonder about the reasoning for this? Have I missed some major benefit?

The Network cameras do seem to have a higher resolution, but does the bluecherry software actually use this, or is it downsizing to standard PAL resolution for storage? We like to keep storage motion for quite a long time so having really high resolution is not majorly needed as the storage requirements get to massive. As long as we can recognise the person in the image I am happy.



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