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What audiocodec to choose, when making a RTSP-Stream? How many audio channels?

What audiocodec to choose, when making a RTSP-Stream?

I have already a Foscam FI9828P running, which uses a PCM MU-LAW Codec with 8 kHz and 16bit. So that is kind of a working low quality standard.

For another cam I will use ffmpeg to put video and audio into a RTSP-stream. The cam microphone array is made out of four mics running at 48 kHz with 16 bit. ffmpeg has a lot of audio codecs to chose from. With the alsa audio subsystem you could do merge all four channels to one, but it would be nice to record at least stereo.

So what is the codec with the best quality, bluecherry can understand? How many audio channels can I use?

The cam is a Sony Eye Camera. Originaly made for the PS3. It delivers 640x480 at 60hz or 320x240 at 120hz. It has a small optical zoom with two steps. You can even make a IR cam out of it. Some people use it for tracking software. And it's dirt cheap! Running around 5,- and 12,- $ as I checked a minute ago. The drawback: It's a USB cam and it's needs a lot of bandwith on the USB port. Sending the images uncompressed! So you can only have one per USB channel. In the days of cheap USB cards that is not such a big problem. And you need a computer to run it of course.

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