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Change camera device ID?

Hi friends. I was having some issues with one of my cameras. It was trailing off and 404'ing in the client. In an effort to troubleshoot it I deleted it and re-added it. At this point, the device ID changed. So instead of dealing with 4 cameras listed 1, 2, 3, 4, I had 1, 2, 4, 5. I use TinyCam to view Bluecherry remotely, which works by adding the device ID to the end of the URL to pull in a specific camera from the Bluecherry DVR. Naturally this caused an issue as I'd have to go through all of the phones to change the ID...

While I know it's recommended to disable the camera, I couldn't help but to try deleting it and re-adding it as a means of troubleshooting. I'm confused over why it seemingly ignored the prior #3 entry and moved on to list the device ID of the re-added camera as #5.

I've since "fixed" this (this is a brand new installation, less than a day old, so I ended up purging everything and reinstalled, which brought it back to the normal 1 2 3 4). That said, I don't view my "fix" as the "way to go" in the future should this happen.

Is there a way to change the device ID without jumping through the hoops I did? Just curious if there'd be a way, somehow, to alter the device ID of a camera.

Thanks much!

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