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Audio+video recordings -- improper length, unable to seek?

Hi friends. I was tinkering with two of my cameras, indoor Hikvision 2432 cube cameras acting as baby/child monitors. Audio is quite low on my list of priorities, but given they support audio, I gave it a shot to see what I could find. I do full time recording.

Something weird that I noticed was during playback. If I try to play back a feed from either one of these cameras, I'm unable to use the slider to seek anywhere within the feed. If I click and drag, once I drop the slider it just zips back to the beginning and continues playing as if my dragging+dropping didn't respond at all. I do however hear audio if I just let the feeds continue to play, so from that standpoint it technically functions, but it acts much like when you try to play back a video that's still "in progress" with recording, as it simply doesn't know where to position the video playback when you move the slider.

I downloaded the feed to play them back locally with a different player. If I play them in VLC, I'm also unable to work with the slider. If I move the position at all, the video just stops as if that's the end and it completed playback. It also displays something weird with the time, as noted in the lower right corner of the attached screenshot. (122:52:09)

When I play them in MPV, I'm able to go forward/back using arrow keys, however the progress bar does not update to indicate I am 20% through the video, 40%, 80%, etc. So while it functions in MPV (not a total surprise as MPV seems quite forgiving), the progress bar not working as I fast forward/rev through the video via arrow keys is a sign of an issue, correlating with the VLC issues.

Overall, this isn't a major issue for me, and I've since disabled audio to have video feeds that are fully working, but I still have to question this. Is anybody else running with Hikvisions (or for sake of my curiosity, any other type of IP based camera) using video+audio support? What audio codecs are you using? I tried G.711 and G.726, same results with both.

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