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Questions about the Bluecherry DVR Software

I think I'm going to go to bluecherry dvr software because it's easier to use and set up with my bluecherry card than zoneminder. I'm looking to build a 32 camera system. I want the camera system to have 2 of the same 16 channel card, the BC-H16480A . I have one now and I'm going to buy a second one down the line when I need it. I have a few questions:

1) I can stack licenses for cameras, correct? Also do IP cameras count towards the total # of cameras?

2) What is the suggested hardware for 32 camera setup (Processor, RAM, etc) for a dedicated machine running Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop?

3)Can I have the software installed on sda and have the video capture go to sdb?

4) Can I have different user accounts with different privileges, for example one just being able to view video?


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