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High CPU and memory usage on client

For the past couple of versions I have noticed that the CPU usage on the client is much higher than it used to be. When I originally started using the client about a year ago, I do not recall it being so high. It is not 100% maxed out, but could easily be.

My machine specs are Core 2 Duo 2.53GHz, 4GB and Windows 7 64bit. I think it is still pretty decent hardware.

I am using client version 2.1.5

Right now I usually have 4 cameras open on high bandwidth mode it uses about 30-35% CPU. If I do 6 cameras it jumps to 55-60%. If I do 14 cameras it goes to about 80-85%. All of these are using high bandwidth mode. If I do low bandwidth mode, even with all 14 cameras it only uses about 30-40% which is fine.

Is there a way to optimize this?

The second thing is the memory consumption. Under the same 4-6 cameras the client is using about 180MB of memory, when I switch to all 14 cameras, it jumps to 240MB. Now, when I switch back and forth between the two or any combination, it seems the memory consumption just seems to never go back down to the original 180 or even 240, it can go as high as 300-400-500-600 and higher depending how many times I switch back and forth. Basically it seems its not releasing the initial memory consumption, or its still using it for something?

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