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Doorbird video doorbell - problems receiving stream

I'm evaluating Bluecherry (2.7.9 on Ubuntu 14.04, fresh install VM) vs some other Linux-based systems and for some reason this is the only one which cannot pull the feed from my Doorbird D101 video doorbell - via RTSP, MJPEG, etc.

I have the URI correctly written in the config - it's worked in competing video surveillance software as well as VLC - but Bluecherry refuses to acknowledge it.

I have tried the URI for RTSP (<device-ip>/mpeg/media.amp) as well as for MJPEG (<device-ip>/bha-api/video.cgi) but both fail. Log file from RTSP attempt failure:

Jan 30 11:13:46 camserv bc-server[864]: E(5/DoorBird): Failed to open stream. Error: -875574520 (Server returned 404 Not Found)

Jan 30 11:13:46 camserv bc-server[864]: E(5/DoorBird): Error starting device stream:

Because both URIs fail I wonder if it's in the way Bluecherry is handling the authentication. When using VLC or a direct web browser connection I get a popup for ID/Password. Is it possible that Bluecherry isn't handing this correctly where the other camera softwares are? (eg I don't get a pop in the other video surveillance software but it works).

This is kind of a showstopper for me with BC if I can't resolve it. BC seems to work with the other several types of cameras I have.

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