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timestamp overlay

Another feature request: Timestamp overlay. My Bluecherry DVR has captured a few different crimes as they happen, and even caught the criminals returning in one case. The local police department has asked if there was a way I could time stamp the videos for use as evidence. Is there a feature I don't know of built in already? If not, can this be an optional feature?

I would like even more than just timestamp - but the ability to configure and overlay other metadata, such as alarm status, motion detection status, etc...

Actually to be more specific I want to be able to overlay 3D printer status over my recordings, as one of my video feeds comes from a camera that's pointed at my 3D printer bed - I can get printer status such as current file, current layer, etc., over JSON from the printer itself, and I want to be able to overlay this on the video feed.  

Yes this specifically is a fringe case - but having the ability to push info into the overlay to show useful information on video feeds generically is incredibly useful.


Regarding timestamps overlay, have you checked if the cameras you're using maybe support that? You should probably be able to set the camera up so the video will already have the timestamp overlay in directly from the camera.

Right now Bluecherry does not support adding an overlay like the one you would like to have.

Only a couple of my cameras offer that. Is it unsupported because of the time delay between frame in camera and frame in DVR?
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