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Email notifications for failed logins.

A popular method of connecting to Bluecherry remotely is via port forwarding. While alternative ideas exist, i.e. VPN, some folks may want or prefer to use simple port forwarding. Being able to track failed logins would assist folks in being proactive about their security.

I think it'd be immensely useful if I would receive a notification that a login attempt has just been made. Maybe not every login, but perhaps have an adjustable parameter available (i.e. 3 failed logins = email notification sent). If this can somehow be tied into also working with failed logins from the Bluecherry client itself (along with the web interface), that would cover all bases. If nothing else it would give folks the 'heads up' that someone is trying to get in. For the tech savvy folks, this would provide a rather pinpointed time frame to check web server logs, locate the IP address, and take any actions necessary.

As always, thanks for your time!

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