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Bluecherry Server on Raspberry Pi

I don't know if the Raspberry Pi has enough muscle to run a Bluecherry Server / Client, but would be awesome!

I had contacted your team about this. It would be great if it ran at least the client. I can donate one to your development team if it would speed things up.

Any update on this Curtis?

Hello. I'm working on bluecherry client for rasbian (using virtual machines), but I cannot provide ETA.

Glad to hear it! Please let me know if you need a tester.


Just to let you know about progress:

I have working Bluecherry Client on Rasbian virtual machine... It shows live view but playing videos does not work.

Maybe it will get better over time ;)

Are you using the client?

Live view would be a big step. How many simultaneous cameras can you view at once? I tried using the web live view but the browser locked up, because I don't think the pi has enough processing power.

Can you share the application so we can test it out?

I'm using client on emulated ARM rabspain distribution (using qemu).

So I can not really tell how good performance will be on real device.

I still don't have package for this distribution, but I will try to get binaries as tar file to be extracted on destination system.

Please give me a day or two for this.


Rafał Malinowski

Hello again.

Here is experimental, and 100% non-supported version of Bluecherry Client for Rapsbian distribution on Rapsberry Pi computer:

I cannot guarantee it will work properly, it will work at all or event that it will extract properly.

For installation:

* copy archive file on rapsberry

* unpack it

* copy content of 'root' directory to / directory (so bluecherry-client file is in /usr/local/bin directory)

* install following packages from repository (sudo apt-get install):

- gstreamer0.10-plugins-base

- gstreamer0.10-plugins-good

- gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg

- libssl0.9.8

- libavcodec

- libavformat

- libavutil

- libswscale

- qt4

That should be enough to run Client and view something using live view.


Rafał Malinowski

ok got it to work. It is VERY experimental as you mentioned.

Some notes:

I think the hardware is just too basic to handle streaming smoothly. It was struggling playing 1 camera at a time, let alone 2 or 4.

BTW used omxplayer to open the streams and it works fine, using the command for example:

nohup omxplayer --win "800 540 1600 1080" rtsp://admin:bluecherry@ip:7002/live/17

The only problem is that some streams lockup after some minutes, or they start getting delayed more over time (as much as 1 or 2 minutes sometimes).

I also tried:

omxplayer --win "0 0 800 540" rtsp://admin:bluecherry@ip:7002/live/17 --audio_fifo 0 --audio_queue 0 --video_queue 0 --video_fifo 0

I really think the client is too heavy for the hardware. The stream inside the client is horribly slow compared to the smoothness of using for example omxplayer.

Is this abandonded?

How would bluecherry work on a more powerful linux board - like HummingBoard, beaglebone or udroid ?

The Raspberry PI 3 is a quad core CPU.  Do I need to donate one?

Looks that way, the "unstable" downloads aren't there any more.. :(

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