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Writing to a NFS Share

Hello all,

I am hoping someone can help me, i am trying to get blue cherry to be able to write it's recordings to a NFS share however I keep getting the following error message when saving the config.

"Specified directory exists, but is not readable, please make sure that the server has permissions to access it by running these commands in the terminal:

To set permissions run: "sudo chmod 770 /mnt/cctv/recordings; sudo chown bluecherry:bluecherry -R /mnt/cctv/"."

Now i logged into the box hosting the bluecherry software with the bluecherry user which was created and confirmed the share is certainly readable and writeable by the bluecherry user.

It appears that the software client wants the ownership of the NFS share to be bluecherry which is something you cant change on the bluecherry box as its controlled by the NFS server and the bluecherry user is local to the box its running on.

Any suggestions would be welcomed, I really want to get this software working properly.


I mocked this up using my bluecherry ubuntu server, with my spare ubuntu system.

On the spare system (i.e., I added the following folder to my system, as super-user:
apt-get install nfs-kernel-server
systemctl start nfs-kernel-server
cd /home/smith
mkdir testnfs
chmod 777 testnfs

Then I edited my /etc/exports file and added this entry, as super-user:
/home/smith/testnfs *(rw,sync,no_subtree_check, no_root_squash)

Now I need to run exportfs to so that other systems can see and mount it:
exportfs -a

On my bluecherry system (i.e., as super-user:
apt-get install nfs-common (only if you don't have it installed)
cd /mnt
mkdir cctv
chown root:root /mnt/cctv
chmod 777 /mnt/cctv
cd /mnt/cctv
mkdir recordings
chown bluecherry:bluecherry
chmod 755 recordings

Now mount your nfs share:
mount /mnt/cctv/recordings

In your bluecherry admin storage webpage, add

and Save Changes

Hope this helps.


I have managed to get this recording to the nfs share however no amount of effort can get me to squash the complaint blue cherry makes about the share. Effectively as soon as the share is mounted the the user ownership changes from bluecherry:bluecherry the software complains. 

This must be something inbuilt into the software to only check if it can see the user, not if it actually has rights. 

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