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Clarify how licenses are delivered.

Since I purchased a license two hours ago, I still have no expectations of when or where I will receive the code. I assure you any such information is not so easily acquired as I have sifted through the majority of the site by now.

Thus, I think it would be a great idea to have it written. Ignoring my own order status and inoperable security system I think there needs to be some sort of statement even if that is simply: "you will receive it email, within 24 hours." (but again I have no Idea of thats the case, or if my specific order has issues or whatever).

The lack of such statement made me assume immediate delivery, and unless there were complications, this seems not to be the case, yet again the frustrating part is not knowing.

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Licenses are currently manually approved and usually sent with in a few hours.  We will work on the documentation in the order status to give realistic license key delivery times.


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