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Cannot set motion thresholds (wrong configuration field?)


Hi I have upgraded to the latest ver 2.8.5

and if we start the server manually from the web interface i see the following on the log:

"Cannot set motion thresholds (wrong configuration field?)"

Also at the client will see frame cameras jumping to other cameras.

It also does not appear to be recording anything from the cameras (I have tried motion recording, and continous, nothing is showing in the event logs)

All 3 cameras are analog, connected to a solo6110 capture card


Server - Dell Poweredge 2950

18GB Ram

Bluecherry software has been installed and running properly for quite awhile now (prior to the upgrading of Bluecherry)

Client - Windows 7 Pro

Bluecherry client version 2.2.6



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I've replied to the support ticket you submitted, we'll continue there.