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Unable to save presets in client

Hi, first of all BlueCherry is awesome.  I'm testing on a laptop running ubuntu LTS, but will be building a DVR on a Raspberry Pi connected to an external storage array.  

I'm having a problem with the Bluecherry client (version 2.2.6).  I have an older-ish Foscam camera that only does http, so i was able to use wireshark to get the commands sent to the camera for PT (no Z on this camera), including presets.  So I know what the commands are, but I'm unable to create new presets in the client. I can open the little "presets" window in the client, but not create any new preset items.  The pan/tilt function itself is working, though it would be nice to have events for mousedown (move) and mouseup (stop) so that I could pan by clicking and holding, but here nor there, I'd just like to be able to use presets.  

Any ideas?

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