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Compling Git source creates deb file but failed install


I have a debian jessy NAS, that i successful run Bluecherry 2.8.8 on (supplied by support tech).

Now i tried to compile the GIYhub sources

I used my Ubuntu 14.4 to successfully compile and got two deb files out of it...

Named supposingly right with version 3

Now i tried to install this via command line in my NAS via dpkg -i blabla.deb and it tries to update the installed 2.8.8 version and throws error without much details.

Any idea if the Ubuntu compile is already the issue?

Then i tried to get the whole thing compiled on the NAS, to have it compiled on the Linux it will run on later, but that attempt dies on nfs-server packeage issues, that i dont get resolved

Any ideas?

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