his guide will help you set up the Tiny Cam app to work with your Bluecherry server.


Note: In order for this process to work outside of your home network, you will need to forward port 7002 in your router settings. You will also need to know your external IP address or utilize a DDNS service.  Websites such as Port Forward (www.portforward.com) can help provide detailed instructions on opening port 7002.


With Tiny Cam installed, we’ll open the app to the “Manage Cameras” screen.



Click on the plus sign in the lower right corner, followed by “Add Camera”.


Give your camera a desired name. For the Vendor and Model fields, please set both of these to “Generic”.

In the JPEG/MJPEG/RTSP field, enter the path shown. 


Please model your path to match the IP address of your server. For external viewing, you may substitute in a DDNS address or utilize an external IP address. A reminder that for external viewing you will also need to forward port 7002 in your router.


Take note that the URL in this example ends in 5. This number is the number assigned to your camera from Bluecherry. To find your camera number in Bluecherry, please open the Bluecherry client, click on Server at the top, Configure Server, Devices, IP Cameras, and locate the number associated with the camera you’d like to add to Tiny Cam.  On most installations these ID's should start with 1 and are unique to the camera.


Also make sure “Protocol” is set to “RTSP over TCP”. If this is not set, Tiny Cam will not display the video feed properly.

You’ll also need to enter the username and password for your Bluecherry user.

Tip: In this example, a user was created within Bluecherry with limited access. This is the user we are utilizing for use with Tiny Cam.


At this point your camera should be set up to work with Bluecherry!


Tip: To efficiently set up multiple cameras, you may “Copy” this camera within your “Manage Cameras” screen in Tiny Cam. Make sure the RTSP path is changed in each instance to reflect the camera ID/number at the end.


Tip 2: If you find you are not getting a live view, double/triple check your “Protocol” settings. At the time of this writing, Tiny Cam often resets “RTSP over TCP” back to “HTTP (MPEG/H264/H265)”, which will not work in this scenario.