If you have an IP camera that isn't listed in our documentation or the drop down list when adding a new camera, you can add a 'Generic' camera if you know the RTSP path and / or the MJPEG path.  Usually you can search for the manufacturer and / or model number on the internet for 'manufacturer model rtsp path'.  Once you've learned the RTSP or MJPEG path follow the instructions below

From the Bluecherry administrator area, select Devices -> IP Cameras -> Add an IP Camera

Select 'Generic' from the list


Select a name of the camera in the 'Camera name' field.  Add the IP or Hostname of the camera along with the username and the password.  

If you know the RTSP path, insert the path here.  A correct RTSP path will begin with /

If you do not know the RTSP path, but have determined the MJPEG path, change the Video stream source from RTSP to MJPEG and insert the MJPEG path.

When finished click 'Add camera'.  Try viewing the camera in the client interface.  If the client interface works, try viewing the camera in the web interface.  If the web interface does not display an image, the MJPEG path is likely incorrect.