Bluecherry provides a custom Ubuntu 14.04 installation image that can be burned to either CD or to a USB drive for installation. Burn the ISO image to either a CD or to a USB drive, then boot off of the CD and follow the steps below. If you have a pre-built Bluecherry system, skip to the final steps below. Burning the image to a USB 3.0 drive would speed up the installation process significantly.

Make sure to have a wired network connection connected prior to starting the installation program, as updates are downloaded during and after installation.

Please note, our installation process is meant to be unattended, which means it will format, partition and install the primary hard drive during installation. Make sure you are ready to delete all of the data on your hard drive prior to booting our installation.

Our software will load up with the ‘Ubuntu 14.04’ logo as seen below. After approximately a minute the installer will launch. You can hit escape to see what is going on behind the scenes if the startup is taking longer than expected.

As mentioned above, the primary drive will be erased and partitions will be created

We create a ext4 file system on the primary partition

The installation process is unattended, however you can select the timezone from this screen and click ‘Continue’.

Depending on the speed of your system it could take 5 to 30 minutes to install our software.

Once completed click ‘Restart now’. The system will ask you to verify the installation media is removed and once it hit enter to continue.

Final steps

You are forced to setup a password for the system user (bcadmin). This is not the Bluechery software user, this is the system user for logging in and out of your system. This is very important, if you forgot this password you will be unable to login to your system and we will be unable to restore this password for you.

This is the password for the mysql server. Keep this password handy, you will need it when performing Bluecherry software updates.

The server will now connect and download the latest Ubuntu and Bluecherry updates. Depending on the network connection this could take 2 to 10 minutes. Once finished, a graphical interface will start.

Type in the password you created for the system user (the one for bcadmin) then enter.

At this point the system is setup and our software is installed. You can connect with the Bluecherry client from any computer to finish the installation program. If you want to configure the server locally, follow the steps below.

Select Applications -> Internet -> Bluecherry client. This will load the Bluecherry software client.

The client will detect that the server hasn’t been configured. Select ‘Configure’ to add your license key and setup the cameras. Follow the installation guide here for information on configuring the server.