1. Live View - Web based live view streaming
  2. Playback  - Watch recorded media
  3. Download remote client - Links to www.bluecherrydvr.com/download for downloading the cross platform client
  4. Documentation - Link to online documentation
  5. Announcements - Recent updates and information
  6. General settings - Change settings such as the name and location of the DVR, and outgoing SMTP email notifications
  7. Storage - Easily add and manage storage
  8. Users - Add and manage who has access to live view, recordings and individual cameras
  9. Connected users - See who is currently connected to your system
  10. Devices - Add and manage analog and IP cameras (Note: A Bluecherry hardware compression card is required for analog card support)
  11. Global schedule - Easily select which days and hours your system will record. Choose between motion detection, continuous recording and no recording
  12. Email notifications - Easily add email notifications rules based on time of day and selected cameras
  13. Event statistics - Get statistics about the the camera recording schedule
  14. Database backup - Create or restore a database backup
  15. System Log - Easily view Bluecherry logs (both web and Bluecherry logs)
  16. License Keys - Easily add license keys to expand your Bluecherry system
  17. Sever statistics - This section shows current CPU, memory and how long the system has been running.
  18. Profile link - Here you can easily update your profile, reset your password, or simply logout