Once you have successfully connected to a Bluecherry server the list of available cameras will be displayed on the left.

Drag and drop cameras onto the live view area

Select any camera from the left and drag it into the layout.

You can repeat this process or any camera or DVR that you have listed on the left side. Note: It's possible to connect as many clients together as you need, and mix and match the videos in different layouts.


Cameras with audio stream available are marked with the blue speaker icon. You can turn on audio by selecting "Enable audio" in the right-click menu of the selected camera.

When audio is enabled on one camera, it is disabled on all others, only the single camera stream can be listened at the same time.

If your camera supports audio, but the speaker icon does not appear in the live view area, please check that "Enable audio" checkbox is checked in camera properties of the Bluecherry server administration interface and  audio stream is enabled in camera's own settings.