Upgrading to new releases from the command line / remotely

Upgrading between Bluecherry releases is a simple two step process. This allows for easy remote upgrading even if you aren't in front of the computer

sudo apt-get update

First, open a terminal window, or ssh into the server if you plan to upgrade remotely.

Type the following: sudo apt-get update

This will connect to both our servers and the Ubuntu repositories and check for updates

sudo apt-get install bluecherry

After the update has completed, type the following: sudo apt-get install bluecherry

When prompted type Y and enter.

The latest Bluecherry server will now be installed. Now is also a good time to install any updates to your Ubuntu system. You can type the following: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

This process could take a while depending on the speed of your system and your bandwidth. Keep in mind that Bluecherry only provides support for our software, and not for any Ubuntu configuration issues.